Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stash Building Report

We've been down in Maryland for a couple of nights and life has been a bit too busy. Later this week I'll come up with photos of what's going on.

For now here is the Stashbusting Report.... except, you'll notice I'm not doing well busting the darn fabric!

Fabric used: 9.5 yards

Fabric purchased: 14.75 yards*

Net fabric USED from stash: (5.25) yards


Year to date fabric used: 49.875 yards

Year to date fabric purchased: 74.75 yards

Net Year to date USED from stash :(24.875) yards

OH NO! I did it again. Acquired more than I used. Remember, I won a huge fabric basket. I only kept 13 or so yards but it added way too much to my stash.

Short and not so sweet tonight. I'm about out of battery. Time for bed.

Happy Quilting. Bonnie

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