Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the Cake Please

Jen and Brian asked Pat and I to come for dinner and stay with them yesterday on our way back from Virginia. (Ooops forgot to mention we made a quick trip to Virginia more about that in future blogs.) So, we got there a bit before dinner. And, then Aimee and Kevin arrived. The big family dinner was all about a big announcement. It was baby's sex announcement night. But would Jenny tell us? No -- we had to wait through dinner prep, dinner, and clean up. She had made a cake for dessert and dyed it either blue or pink. Except, she covered it with white frosting so we couldn't even peak. I did a finger check when I got there but evidently she didn't spill food coloring on her fingers when she made the cake. Rats. We all had to wait for the cake cutting.

And the baby is


Aimee brought two presents one for a girl and one for a boy:

Did I mention that Aimee is a fingerprint expert with the FBI?

Kevin and Aimee were leaving for Costa Rica early this morning. Lucky folks Aimee bought a jacket to match Kevin's so they could find each other easily in the rain forest. Sounds like they'll have a great time.

So PINK is the color of the day, week, month year. And, maybe some turquoise, yellow, peach, lavender, purple...

Pat and I went to Sauders Fabrics on the way home today and I went wild buying fabric. Oops. I needed some for the string quilt I'm making. Of course, the prices are so good there I bought a "little" extra. I am so not looking forward to my next Stash Report. I'm out of town so much this month I can't get much done but I've been doing some serious shopping! Fun NEW fabrics.
Tomorrow back to quilting! Happy Quilting Everyone.


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