Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HOT Virginia

Wow! We've been having some hot weather here in the greater Richmond area -- and all up and down the east coast for that matter.

9:40 am and it is already 95 degrees. Thank you Willis Haviland Carrier for inventing the modern air conditioner in 1902. I also learned the ancient Romans used to cool some of their buildings by circulating water through the walls of buildings.

Quick update on our July 4th Weekend. Jenny & Brian
and Aimee & Kevin spent the weekend with us -- a chance to see our new home. And, a highly motivating factor in getting our stuff unpacked. We visited the YWCA to go swimming on Saturday. Hung out on Sunday and attended a neighborhood party. They left early Monday morning to miss that I 95 corridor headache.

I basically did not take pictures until I got this one of Jenny 7 months pregnant. Hum, little grand baby wiggled a bit this weekend. Jen's feeling great and doesn't she look great too?

She had a really cute baby quilt she is making for baby. Shoot, I should have taken a picture. Oh well... I'll snap one later.

The studio looks like a bomb went off in it. I've unpacked most of the boxes but haven't been able to put everything away yet. Pat helped move stuff for me Monday afternoon. (minor note -- I bent down to pet one of the dogs this weekend and my back went out again. Thus Pat's help was definitely needed.)

Plans today include more putting away in the studio. Moving quilts out of a suitcase and into permanent location for storage. And, maybe some piecing. I'm tired of not sewing.

Happy quilting all!

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  1. Hot in NJ as well...can't wait to see my next electric bill! Your daughter looks great and you must really be looking forward to the birth. I also bet you will be happy when you finally get settled into your new home.


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