Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jen's Baby Quilt -- Quilted

My part is done! And, done without issues! YEA!
Quilt by Jenny Lang, backing pieced by Bonnie, quilted by Bonnie.
Close up of quilting.
Pieced backing using left over blocks from the front and few extras made to match.

Warm and White 100% cotton batting, YLI Trilobal Polyester -- Tulip (a variegated thread). Panto -- Fleurs 10"

This is the third quilt I've done in a week (which is a lot for me.) I am beginning to get my skill back after several months without any quilting.

All of yesterday's goals are done except packing to leave although the craft part of that is done, on to the clothes. I will be posting as I have time and will be taking pictures to share!

What's Up Next:
• Bind my two quilts
• Make some cards with Emily
Shop at the Container Store & Wegman's
• Have some fun!

Happy Quilting All!


  1. great quilt/quilting, love the pieced backing.

  2. What a great setting for rail fence blocks.!!! It is lovely!

  3. Wow...nice!! Look at you go!! You taking sudafed or something?? lol

  4. What a great quilt -- sometimes the block arrangement makes a quilt. The quilting looks great -- glad you are back in the groove again. Have fun with all that binding.


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