Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the Spirit of the Fourth of July

We hung one of our quilt holders this past weekend. And, it may be the only one as we don't have a lot of wall space. I decided to hang this red, white and blue kaleidoscope.

The little animals at the top are for sentimental value only. The two ducks were painted by Jenny and Kevin when they were probably 6 and 3. Kevin's is the one laying down with the yellow and orange body. Jenny's is now missing part of its beak. And the mouse came from my mom. Either my brother or I must have given her the mouse. I've always enjoyed looking at it and the happy memories of my childhood... or teenhood or who knows what age I was. It's just cute. Sigh.

Well that nice long to do list from yesterday can be repeated...

• finish Saturday's mystery blocks and sew into a top -- I have almost all the blocks sewn together so will get them into a top today
• put the side pieces on million pieces blocks
• start on the Quilts for Kids kit

I did not get motivated until about 4 pm yesterday. And, sorry to report not much else got done in the house. Hopefully I'll be better today!


  1. Oh, that is lovely! How did you do on your list? I started quilting Allegany Rings and didn't like the backing stitches so spent last night ripping them out....ARGH!

  2. How pretty! This is one of my most-favorite patterns. They ALWAYS look great, and your's turned out perfectly Fourth-of-july-ish. 8-)))


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