Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Trail to Finishes

Mystery #15 from Mysteries for Relay came off of Ruthie yesterday. For some reason it was giving me a bit of grief. The problems went away when I loosened the sandwich on the frame. It doesn't seem like the right answer for shredded thread but it quit after I did that. The quilting is all finished.

Last post's to do list was all done! Oops, almost all done when I looked at what was on there. The million pieces blocks have been trimmed and I've started sewing on the next pieces. I did the trimming at the sit and stitch... much more entertaining to do a boring job such as trimming when at a social/quilt event. The batting pieces were sewn together and the quilt is quilted. I did start the tie off on the Happy Quilt but didn't finish. I also tied off the loose threads on Mystery 15 although they haven't been buried yet. I tend to tie most of the threads while quilting -- doesn't seem so boring but I just got tired of it yesterday -- sigh. So I will work on both of these at quieter times.

Here's today's MUST do list:
• Finish piecing the back to Jenny's quilt.
• Load it on Ruthie.
• Quilt it.
• Pack for my weekend in Maryland.

Yep, I am on a deadline here as I want to take the quilt back to Jenny tomorrow. I was disappointed it took me so long to finish Mystery 15 on Ruthie. I would have been farther along on Jen's without those problems with #15. I'll post pictures of Jens after it is quilted.

I'll be in Maryland to stay with Jenny while her hubby attends a wedding in Ohio. Jen's 8 months along and isn't traveling any more. I mentioned to Sharon that I was coming up and she seduced me with a card making class with our buddy Emily who is a Stampin' Up representative. We used to go to these classes off and on. (The card shown here isn't from Em but from a trip to a scrapbooking store in April.)

I'll spend the night with Sharon on Thursday and then go to Jen's and Brian's the next afternoon, hopefully before rush hour. Jen & I are hitting the Container Store in the morning and her sewing group is coming in the afternoon. I'm hoping to be able to put bindings on my two quilts over the next day or two and get them finished on Saturday. Hopefully I'll have some decent finishes and fabric usage for this month! I'm getting going earlier than normal for me so ...

Happy Quilting All!

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  1. you are on a roll!
    I believe that when you have a deadline quilt to do next it is "murphy's law" that the one you're working on before it will have a problem. I think it's one of the rules of the universe or something.


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