Friday, July 2, 2010

Lost But Now Found

It's been driving me batty . . .

I have been looking for this little guy for a year, at least. I vividly
remember putting it in a drawer. What tricks that memory played on me. No, I didn't put it carefully in a drawer cause I cleaned a bunch of drawers long before the move looking for it. I found it when I brought out a different purse to use. Which I have actually used several times in the last year. The difference this time is I lifted the empty purse from the bottom. (It's a backpack style by that famous designer who I can't remember her name...) What? What is that I feel in the bottom? I investigated the zippered compartments... and lo and behold, I feel my little shuffle but I don't see it. I finally realize there was a hole in the lining of one of the compartments and the iPod lived there for at least a year. I immediately loaded it with an audio book.

And how about my most recent loss:
My cell phone charger went missing. I had it Saturday at Jen's. But I didn't have it Monday at the hotel. Argh. Jen didn't find it so I ordered a new one. For $2.99. Cheap, so I also got a phone charger: $2.99. And about $5 postage. Cool. It took forever to get here (ok, ok, about a week.) And it came from Hong Kong. I was nervous that it wouldn't work but it did. Yea! I can connect to the world again. At least via telephone.

So I am off shopping today -- going to get some baskets to store my rubber stamps in and some sort of drawers (maybe) to store little items on my desk. Then some grocery shopping and finally home to await the kids.

Happy Quilting All.

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  1. Congrats on "getting reconnected" I can't find my extra lap top cord. How does this sort of thing happen???



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