Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bag Ladies

I went to Jennie's house yesterday for tea and a craft.  (Notice "ie" not "y" -- Jennie is my next door neighbor, not to be confused with Jenny, my daughter.)  Wow... tea was breakfast. And it was great.   The craft was a hoot.  We made bags from bags.  Ok, that sounds funny but I'll show you what we did with duct tape and used bags. 

First we trimmed off the bottom and top of our bags.  Jennie (on the left) had saved a lot of dog food bags for us to use. (Yes quilters, we were using a rotary blade on a cutting board. ARGH!) 

Carolyn was using a wooden ruler. (Double Argh!)  But, it worked. (Hum, I wonder if I have an older mat I could pass on to Jennie?) 

Here's Diana using yellow duct tape to close off the bottom edge. The hardest part was keeping control of the duct tape. Have you seen all the colors duct tape comes in?  Amazing.  I wonder what else we can do with duct tape?  

Ardie is covering the top opening.  We used a piece for the front and one for the back. 
Humm ... I missed getting a picture of doing the straps.  We used a 1" piece of the cut off bag. We put a piece of tape down on the table sticky side up and carefully put the strap piece on it.  We attached it to the inside of the bag.  We reinforced it with another piece of tape.  Duplicate for the second strap.  Then we carefully folded each strap in half so the excess duct tape adhered to itself.  A little tricky but it worked.  You leave the last 1 or 2 inches open (ie, not folded.) 

So, here we are with our bags.  Two chip style bags and 3 dog food bags. I guess I will put mine in the car so I can use it at the grocery store. (note to self... clean it out again, maybe with a little 409.) 

Here is mine hanging on the door handle. (By the way, those Veggie Straws are great!)  

Ruthie seems to be back to almost normal.  I need to go fix her tension which really isn't all that big of a deal.  After Pat worked on her a bit last night I sewed a bit to see if the thread was still breaking.  Nope.  At least not on the 40" or less that I stitched.  But the tension was off.  So after lunch I'm upstairs to give it a try. I would really like to get Jenny's quilt done as she, Brian and Sophie may be coming down this weekend. 

Yesterday I got one of my weekly goals almost done.  Yippee!  Progress.  I'll save pictures of it until I get the binding sewn down.  

Happy Quilting! 


  1. Friends and Crafts go well together. It looks like you had a great day together.

  2. Cute bags. Hope you get Ruthie up to snuff soon. It's miserable for a quilter not to be able to do her thing, isn't it?


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