Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ruthie's Back!

Monday I worked on Ruthie.  I was able to get a practice run of cotton thread top and bottom to work quite nicely.  Then I put on Sew Fine on the top and Magna Glide bobbin and adjusted so it worked too. Then I loaded this Quilts for Kids quilt and did free motion stipples and circles.  I tried a wavy free motion border.  For the most part the tension was fine.  There were one or two spots where the tension went a little loose but not bad. 

Today I hope to load the little Happy Quilt with the bears reading books onto Ruthie.  I'll use Sew Fine on the top and Magna Glide bobbins.  For those of you who don't know about Magna Glide -- it's a way cool concept.  These are prewound bobbins with a magnetic core so you don't have backlash.  (Think of the bobbin spinning like crazy and then stopped. Sometimes the bobbin keeps spinning.)  The times I've used Magna Glide (before the tension issues) I had great tension so I've bought a few basic colors to have on hand.  Unfortunately, prewound bobbins are more expensive than winding your own.  On the other hand, they can cram a lot more thread on the bobbin then I can on mine.   Maybe later this week I'll have another photo of a finished quilt.

  First I have to run some errands.  It's hot here so I get really overheated running around.  I can't imagine how women and men lived in the South before air conditioning.  The layers of clothing they wore!  Yikes.  Of course, if they were wealthy they would not have to work.  But even sitting and embroidering in a big hoop skirt with layers and layers.  No thank you! Here's a photo of a gown.  Go see it with wonderfully detailed photos here.  The fabric is wonderful.  I didn't snoop around enough to find out if this was a reproduction or someone's actual dress from the 1800's.  The fabric is fabulous though. This was a day dress. 

I'm off to start my day.  Happy quilting all! 

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  1. Remember the women fainted a lot from being over heated in those elaborate dresses.

    Glad to hear that Ruthie is back humming along. Have fun!

  2. Way to go Ruthie! Keeping my fingers crossed that she won't get cross again.

    I never would have survived as an adult in the olden days. Too wimpy, too spoiled.


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