Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Wall Monday 5-9-11

This one is now sewn together and came off the design wall and on the pile of quilts to be quilted (with the backing that does not have to be sewn together.) This will be sent to Quilts for Kids when I send back the 2 quilts from their kits.  I usually use brighter colors on the inside squares but this softer inside square works well.  And, the fabric was a real bargain!  
1994 -- that's when these Easter swap blocks were made. I added the four patches.  I want to put a border on it to make it a little bigger.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'm going to think about it for a few days and play with fabric I have so please share your ideas.  Flying geese around the outside?  More four patches? Plain border? I thought I had planned the directions the four patches were going but evidently I didn't. I think I need to change the four patch second from the end in the second row.  This week I made the little blue basket at the bottom. Next time I am at Jo-Anns I'm going to look for some easter egg buttons.  I think they might look cute in the basket, so to speak.  I'm happy to be closing in on another finish for a UFO.  

Last Week's Goals 
Quilt Jenny’s quilt. 3/4th done.
Quilt the last charity quilt. Not started.
Finish the needle case and mail it out. √Finished but holding it for my add-in.
Finish sewing Happy Quilt together. √ Quilt it. Sewn together but not quilted.
Sew Easter quilt together.
Start on the 4th of July banner UFO. Not started – boo. 
Start on doll quilt for swap. Oops but fabric gathered.
Piece second Quilts for Kids.  Double oops.

I've now got a big issue with Ruthie so very little of the quilting on her got done. She had an issue getting through a particularly thick area on a quilt and broke the needle.  Then, she started breaking the thread.  I checked all the parts of the machine that could cause the thread break and all was well.  Next step in problem solving was to reset the timing.  This is a very doable thing and I have instructions to do it. Pat had learned how to do it when we first got her.  Except we haven't had to retime her before and what we thought we knew we don't seem to know now. So Ruthie is down for a bit. I'm doing a bit more research and will probably make a couple of phone calls. Hopefully Ruthie will be feeling better by the end of the week. So most of my quilting goals didn't get done. And, I was pretty slack on the piecing goals.  Sigh. 

Goals for 5/9/11
Get Ruthie back working.
Finish quilting Jenny’s quilt.
Quilt Happy Quilt.
Gather goodies to send with needle case & mail them.
Put borders on Easter Quilt.
Make quilt for doll quilt swap.
Start on the 4th of July banner UFO.
Pick fabrics for workshop at June retreat.

Here's hoping I can get through more of these goals then I did last week.  3/8th of goals completed for last week isn't a good showing.  Let's hope for 3/4 of the goals completed this time! 

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Happy Quilting.  


  1. I hope Ruthie gets back on track with some TLC. I love the pinks in your quilt. Such a great little girl quilt.

  2. Great quilts! It must feel good to be close to getting the 1994 swap blocks into a quilt. Good luck on getting it completed!

  3. Hey...I think I was in a similar swap around the same time...wonder what happened to my blocks? I should go look for them!

  4. Hiya Bonnie!
    Sure hope you can get your "Ruthie" back on track soon!
    On the cute pink quilt, how about a narrow border of the blue from the baskets to set it off, and then go with a wider border of the four-patches? Good luck with it!
    Vic in NH


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