Monday, May 30, 2011

Design Wall Monday 5-30-11

Here's what I put up on the design wall especially for today's post:

These are some of the blocks returned from the FCQ E-Quilters.  Thanks Pam and Fran!  I threw a few of mine in also.  This is just one of the ways this quilt can be laid out.  I'll try other ways when I have some time.  See what is on other folk's design wall by visiting Judy's blog

I'm trying hard to get one quilt done before the end of the month -- you might remember I don't count fabric is used until the binding is finished.  So, not much of a post today -- I've got 1 and a half days to get some finishes!  

Goals for week of 5/23/11
Work on Ruthie until she is happy again.
Quilt Happy Quilt and bind. Almost finished quilting…
Quilt Quilt for Kids Quilt and bind not started
Finish hand quilting doll swap quilt, bind and mail. (Need address still so I may not get that done!) A little farther along…
Make something for the retreat gift swap. Started one, planned several
Finish the Easter block swap top.  (border, quilt and bind.) ARGH – not touched…
Put the other Quilt for Kids kit together. Started
Pick another UFO to finish or pick a new quilt from my list of want to make projects.  New quilt picked, need to check fabrics and cut out

Goals for week of 5/29/11
Finish retreat gift swap items.
Finish quilting Happy Quilt and bind.
Work on finishing hand quilting doll swap quilt.
Pick fabrics for main retreat projects.
Pick and cut fabrics for backup retreat project.
Pack stuff for retreat.
Enjoy retreat!  Yea! 

Not that much on this list as I'm going up to a retreat in Maryland starting Thursday.  The retreat starts on Friday afternoon after a bit of shopping at a quilt store not too far away.  I'm spending Monday with Jenny, Sophia and Brian so I'll have some new Sophia pictures.  

Now, on to make lunch for Pat and I and getting the binding made and sewn on the Happy Quilt.  Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Might be the colors, more likely the shape but those blocks sure pop the word Texas into my head.


  2. Love the red, white and blue. Good luck on getting some finishes!

  3. The colors and the pattern makes it so stunning!


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