Monday, May 2, 2011

Design Wall Monday 5-2-11

Welcome May! 
Not much new on my design wall . . . 
I've been looking at this, the bottom half of a scrap quilt for weeks.  I was just tired of working on it. So I've ignored it and gone on to other things.  Just including it here because it is on one of the design walls and I haven't shown it for a long time! (lousy excuse but, what can you do?)

This quilt is waiting to be loaded on Ruthie to be quilted.  And, yes it is bright.  And, no it isn't mine. Jenny loves bright colors and this is a baby quilt.  Hum, maybe she needs to give it with a little pair of sun glasses! 

The pattern is available at Here's the link to Pineapple Blossom if you want to make your own. 

I am going to use a sun like panto on it. Remember when you were a kid drawing a sun? You would draw the middle and have rays going out from it.  There you go, that's what the panto looks like. 

Last Week's Goals 
• Finish quilting on mystery quilting. √ Done.
• Quilt 3 small charity quilts. Kind of done.  I realized I had one more week to finish this so I got 2 out of the 3 done.
• Quilt Jenny’s quilt. Up next.
• Sew Happy Quilt together. Started.
• Sew Easter Quilt together. Oops.
• Start needle case for Small Quilts Talk swap. √  Practice one done, swap one started. 
Goals for 5/2/11
•Quilt Jenny’s quilt.
•Quilt the last charity quilt.
•Finish the needle case and mail it out.
•Finish sewing Happy Quilt together. Quilt it.
•Sew Easter quilt together.
•Start on the Fourth of July banner UFO. 
•Start on doll quilt for swap.
•Piece second Quilts for Kids. 

I'm very late this morning -- too busy reading emails and etc.  Don't forget to see other Design Wall Mondays by visiting Patchwork Times.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I think the reason I have so many UFOs is that I get bored with a project that takes a while to finish. I do love the scrappy look of you quilt.

  2. I always have a lot of projects in the works. Sometimes they get stuffed back in the box/drawer, and sometimes they taunt me into finishing them.

    A sun panto will be perfect for that bright quilt. That baby is going to be hyper or a "rocker." ;oD

  3. I do like your goal setting. Looks like you have your week cut out for you! How many design walls do you have--you are certainly lucky. How much more do you have to go on your scrappy project; looks like you've got lots done already. Sandi

  4. Love the scrappy quilt. The baby quilt is bright and "hot". I just did an art quilt for a baby. It was wild but cool. Some babys just get a head start on learning about art don't they?

  5. The top quilt looks a lot like my leftover 30s 16 patch quilt (started). And, you know the Egg Money quilt was one that got pushed back until it shouted to be finished and look how happy we are with it. So, get busy, oh, you are already, aren't you.

  6. I hear you on getting bored - but it means eventually older UGFO's become 'new' and exciting again...
    Love both quilts - and wish I could follow a goal list like you do. Maybe when I grow up? ;-)

  7. Aging is sometimes a good thing on projects! You'll get your mojo back for that one someday.

    Love the Pineapple Blossom! I made one of those for my MIL's 90th bday, in black, white, and red. It's a fun quilt pattern.

  8. I love how bright your patches and pinwheels are. I have one in the works that I want to get back to once I get this huge quilt done!


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