Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Home Improvements

This week our contractor started on redoing our patio/deck.  So, now I get to hear pounding and the dog barking. 

Here's how the back deck area was left on Friday.  The workers lasted until 11 am when they ran out of the correct size boards.  Hum, doesn't bode well for efficient work. 

And here is the three boards placed so I could get the dog out in the back yard.  Um, folks, I have a cocker spaniel and this is way too high for him to jump down from.  Ugh.  And, there is no way he can get back up even if he would jump down. 

So, front yard on a leash for Raggs until this is set so he can get down easily.  (And, I won't mention me trying to get down!) 

I was able to get Ruthie working enough so that I could finish Jenny's quilt.  It looks pretty good considering everything.  
But after I took that quilt off I put some cheap muslin on to do some fine tuning. Ugh. Didn't work with another type of cotton thread top and bottom.  So, I quit trying as it was lunch time.  Today I'll go back up and try some tweeking.  This is frustrating but I am sure I'll get this settled soon. (And, probably would have gotten it figured out a while ago if I have stayed at it. I went and pieced instead.) 

And here's a parting shot of Sophia on the new lawn mower.  She wasn't so sure about it when Pat took her for a little ride on it.  I guess she won't be asking for the car keys any time soon.  But watch out world, Sophia has started to crawl

Happy quilting all! 


  1. Hi, Bonnie. I could never get a good tension the first couple of years when I tried a bobbin I wound. I finally just said I would use Fil-tec magnetic or Superbobs. I bought some Bottom Line when I first started, but I think I will use it up very gradually doing smaller projects that I don't want the thread to show.

    I don't worry that the bobbin thread doesn't exactly match the backing or the top thread, but just blends with them.

    I think I keep my bobbin tension slightly tighter than others recommend. It seems to help me keep a balance, so I don't get loops, nor pokies.

    It took me a long time to reach this point, where I don't have tension problems very much. Good luck.

  2. How frustrating to not have your deck. I hope they get busy and get it done.

    Love the picture of Sophia!


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