Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back Home

We made it home last night around 9 pm.  It was a long day.  We were off the cruise ship, through customs and had our bags in hand by about 9:15 am.  Wow.  I was so impressed with Royal Carribean's embarkation and de-embarkation. I can remember long lines and waiting from previous trips so this was a nice surprise.  The sad part of the whole trip is it was basically cooler in Tampa, Key West and Cozumel than what is normal.  We didn't try swimming although there were some who were on the ship.  Evidently  there were freeze warnings in Tampa while we were on the ship.  Of course, 60º was a whole lot better than the 10 to 20º back in PA!  

I will be posting some of our pictures during the next few days.  But, for now I need to get to bed. Tomorrow will be a quilt day ... the first sewing day for over 10 days.  I did think about quilting while gone but didn't take anything to sew on.  I got about 3" of one sock done.  

Take care all.  Happy quilting. Bonnie 

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