Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catch these birds

We were eating breakfast and looked up to see George looking through the sliding glass doors.  George visits several of the restaurants in the morning searching for hand outs.  

Here he is in all his glory.  The second day, George got lucky because people at an adjacent table left some food out for him.  He rather turned his beak up at the eggs but chowed down on the toast.  Can't blame him re - eggs.... he probably isn't much of a cannibal!  

When we were at the Mayan ruins of Tolum we noticed this bird up in the trees.

  Didn't get exact name of him but he is some type of jay.  

While wandering the streets of Key West we found 

They were just hanging out.  Should have taken more pics of them but did get this showy guy. 

When we got home our birds had eaten through the seed in the feeder and were very happy when we refilled it.  Of course, I don't think they like this bird seed as much as the stuff we had been buying.  They seem to pick out the sunflower seeds and leave the rest.  

I am working on a postcard swap for one of the groups I am in.  I hope to have it done today.  I've done the back, put on a base fabric so just need to decorate.  I might even try a bead or two -- I bought some.  It may make it difficult to mail though.  I'll keep you posted.  

I've also been knitting like crazy.  I am working on a new pair of socks while listening to a book on my mp3. But, I should be watching Mama Mia from Netflicks.  Maybe this morning.  

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie


  1. love the birds, looks like ya had a great time. thanks for sharing,Amy

  2. Looks like you had a good time! I love Key West and we lived in Florida for years (14 of them). I don't know if we'd ever go back but maybe the Tampa area or on the east coast somewhere north of Palm Beach county.


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