Monday, January 26, 2009

Something For Every One

Here's a few pictures for all the family.  At the beach in Clearwater Beach there were a series of turtles romping around.  So, Jenny, FEAR THE TURTLE!  Right. How can anyone fear these cute little guys.  They cavorted over a beautiful white, sandy beach.  But, a picture of that will have to wait for another post. 

When we got to our hotel I couldn't help taking the following pictures for Brian. (gag, cough, sputter... yuk!) 
So, Brian, against my better judgement I add the ultimate Ohio State car.  

No one could doubt this guy's allegiance.  I'm glad it didn't break my camera. 

And, Kevin, here's a place for you to visit when you get to Key West: Sorry, we didn't go in for a drink.  

We were aimlessly walking around Key West wondering if the clouds were going to open up and drench us.  Luckily they didn't -- only a few sprinkles.  And, honestly, the weather was cool at best.  What else could we do but go get a delicious piece of Key Lime pie.  YUM! 

Aimee -- I was hard pressed to find anything to show you.  But, wait, I found the perfect thing.  Hand prints on a temple in the Mayan ruins of Tolum.  The guide said this building was probably brightly painted during the time of the Mayans.  The civilization melted into the area around 1000 AD, although the surrounding Mayan culture seemed to fade around 1400 to 1500.  So, check out these hand prints! Hum, not that visible.  It's the two red blobs to the left of the doorway.  And, they really do look like handprints.  

I'll be adding some more pictures over the next few posts.  It was so great to get away from the cold and the snow. So just to put it all in perspective,  this is our local lake, Lake Wallenpaupack.  I stopped to take some pictures on my way home from my hair cut. Temperature was about 18.  So, honestly, clouds and temps in the 60s were great.  

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