Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ruler Control

One of my Christmas presents this year was a fantastic hanging ruler holder.  Pat does a bit of  woodworking and made this for me.  I showed him several different ruler hangers and he came up with this one.  It is fabulous!  I've held off sharing it with you all because Jenny got one for Christmas... had to keep it a secret.  (Of course, she complained that she didn't have enough rulers to use it!)  

Anyway, this hangs near my cutting table so it is very convenient.  I try to put smaller rulers into it.  It isn't so good for my 12.5" square ruler which is stored in a desktop ruler holder.  But the 6 x 24" works fine as do a bunch of smaller rulers.  (I admit, I am a ruler junkie! I have ones I haven't even used hanging around!) 

Jen made this Weaver Fever quilt for a friend's baby recently.  Little did she know it was going to turn out huge!  It is shown here on a queen-size bed here!  It turned out so well.  I know that Ashley (the mom) and Alana (one of the babies) love it.
She did a great job with the colors.  (And, I begged scraps which she generously shared with me!) 

Snow is coming down and is suppose to change to sleet so i will be staying home today.  Good chance to clean up the studio and do some sewing!  I haven't really sewn since before my vacation.  

Happy Quilting All.  Bonnie 


  1. I love the ruler holder. and the quilt is gorgeous!! stay warm have a great day,Amy

  2. That ruler holder is a MUST have. You should have a side business selling them. I will be your first customer.

  3. I love the ruler holder. I sent a picture to my brother who is a woodworker, hint hint. I did tell him that I would sand and stain. Maybe I should take up woodworking, it seems like there is always something I wish I had that is made out of wood.

  4. Wow, I love your ruler holder and cuphooks for the rotary cutters!!!Should sell them!!!
    I have one of those plank of wood ones with five or six grooves. It's ok but doesn't come near holding all of my rulers...
    You have perfected ruler holders!!!

  5. Alanna and I have weaver fever...we can't wait for that quilt to come home with us!! :)


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