Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacation Time Is Close

A note from the chilly northeast. Tomorrow night we leave for vacation!  Yahoo!  We're driving 3 hours to the airport but will stay overnight.  In the almost wee hours of the morning we are catching a flight to Tampa, Fla.  (I'm old fashioned hence the old 3 letter abbreviation!)  We will be staying for two nights in Tampa with a car.  Pat seems to think we should eventually winter in Florida somewhere and this would be a good chance to see some places.  I'm not so sure about that although I think he is right that wintering in the Poconos may be a bit too much! 
Then we are getting on this ridiculously large ship and cruising for 5 days or so.  Actually, it isn't as bad as some of the big ships -- only 2400+.  Some of the newest ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet are 5400 if two people are in each of the 2700 cabins.  Good grief.  No thank you.  Back to our cruise.  We will be visiting Key West and Cozumel, Mexico.  We have signed up for an excursion to view some ruins in Cozumel so hopefully I'll be well versed on them when I get home.  

Today's goals are to get all the "to go" laundry done, in other words, anything that might possibly go with us.  I also need to make a photo cd of pictures we took on a fabulous cruise/tour in Alaska. I've owed this to Barb for years. Barb and Bob were great traveling companions. (Where are we going next guys?)  How's this for a change of pace ship?  Only 84 passengers.  We cruised the inner passages of Alaska and spent time at an inn in Denali.  I would go with this cruise line again in a heart beat and lots of money.  But every penny was worth it! Cruise West started in Alaska but now has quite a few small ships in the Orient and around Belize also.  (Darn that stock market!!) 

I don't know if I will spend any time looking at quilt stores in Tampa.  Maybe.  I know I will skip the yarn shops for sure though!  I have enough projects for the time being.  I am planning to return some yarn I got Monday.  I just don't think it makes sense to knit something as a gift that needs to be hand washed and laid flat to dry.  Too much work for the gift recipient.  

Darn... I thought the snow had stopped for the day.  I can see a bit of blue sky.  But I also see huge (quarter-sized) flakes coming down.  Some is being blown off the trees but not all of it. STOP snow.  Isn't it bad enough that the predicted low is -9º?  We aren't getting out of here quite fast enough!  

I will try to post next week as I can get my fingers on a computer.  I'm not taking the lap top. But I have two good size memory cards for the camera!  

Happy Quilting All    Bonnie 


  1. Do not worry about posting . you go and enjoy yourself!!! take pics though to share when ya get back. have a great time!!!

  2. Bonnie, You are much better off on a larger ship. The food and service is so much better and so is the entertainment. The smaller ships are second rate compared to the splender of the larger newer ships. Roy and I cruise at least once a year and love it. We learned early on to stay away from the smaller ships unless of course you can afford to lease a private ship.


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