Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skating Rink?

No that's just the driveway after more snow, sleet and rain.  Yikes. I don't think I'll be getting the mail today! Most of that is ice!  And now at 3:00 pm it is grey and bleak looking.  Yuck. I don't hear rain/sleet/snow hitting the roof so maybe it is done for the time being.  But, I think it is suppose to snow again tomorrow. The good thing is I do hear snow plows around.  We'll see if Pat can get the car up the driveway.  Fun.  

Here is the Carousel Horse quilt top -- all sewn together.  It is 40" wide so I doubt I'll put any borders on it.  The fabric I have for the backing is about 42" wide so this is going to be tight.  I may bind it with the green. (The backing is the stripe.)  Although I may decide to use bias on the binding and use some of the stripe.  It would look cool.  

Now I am focusing on getting some other tops further along.  Specifically a mystery quilt with a million pieces.  Marge says no but .... I know better than that.  Specially since I'll probably make it bigger than what I originally thought.  

I have one more day to get all the ornaments off the tree.  We will be down in Maryland to celebrate Kevin's birthday and Christmas.  Lucky thing is the weather reports that both Friday and Sunday should be dry.  Of course, Sunday is a long time away so who knows what it will do on those days!  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie


  1. It is so nice the caurosel horse, the ice it must be very dificult to navigate on it.It does makes great pictures!

  2. Boy, you have that right Carmen... beautiful pictures but I stay home most days! Of course, I get a lot of quilting done too! I used to live in Chula Vista -- half of 6th grade, all of 7th. Dad was navy. B.


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