Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Musings on Snow and Crocheting

Here's a pic on the drive home on Sunday.  Looks pretty bleak to me.  Although at least in the country the snow is clean.  Yesterday I hit the "big" city and noticed the snow is just yucky to look at around the various shops I was at.  I'm really thrilled -- Kevin gave me a new iPod shuffle for Christmas (my old one had died.) While shopping yesterday I found a car charger and wall charger to use with it.  Yippee. I need to load it up soon! I went wild shopping although not much will be reported here.  I did get a cool bottle of heart sprinkles!  And some beads to try to add to a quilt or something like that.  And more batting to have on hand. 

I am going to venture out to my Wednesday Quilting group.  We haven't met for a month mostly due to crummy weather.  It is so cold today that I wonder how warm it will be there -- even  with the heat turned on.  My home thermometer says 7º while my computer weather report says 6º. Either way it is cold!  I'm going to bring the Carousel Horse and baste it so it will be ready for quilting whenever I am.  

I'm not sure what else I'll bring ... possibly an old ripple afghan to crochet.  I found it in a box of yarn and decided I needed to add enough to make it kid sized and then give to Project Linus.  It was burgundy and beige, obviously using yarn that was left over as I am out of the beige.  I got two skeins of navy blue and will put some blue on each side.  It is really funny looking over this piece.  The strips aren't the same width.  The sides flare out because evidently I added stitches.  But, it will be fine by the time I finish it and someone will love it.  

I'm off to hit the shower, get the backing ironed, cut a piece of batting and gather the supplies. 

Happy Quilting All.   Tomorrow I'll be at home quilting away as another snow storm is predicted... only 1 to 3".

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