Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trespasser! Stop Thief!

I heard something while I was up in the studio... not sure what it was but came downstairs to investigate and noticed this trespasser on a chair on the balcony off the great room.

He was a pretty cool character.  He scampered off and on the chair a few times and then decided to make for the food. (aka, bird feeder.)  We've lived here for 8 months and the squirrels had not come on the balcony.  There are no stairs to the ground so this intrepid explorer had to go straight up a metal pole.  Yikes. 

You have to look carefully to find him in this picture.  Check out the upper right corner... a bit of leg and tail is showing as he goes over the hanger.  He was on top of the feeder for a moment or two but finally figured out I was inside taking photos of him. 
Here he is back in the safety of his tree.  Notice that nice red spot on his back?  That's the only way I can tell him from the others.  He's a brave guy but finally I yelled at all the squirrels hanging around.  I really don't want to be feeding them too.  I watched them scamper back to the tree and because I was out on the balcony creating a fuss they bounded in to the forest. One even went across the street.  Hum, an interloper!  

Of course if you go to the bay window and look out to see what is under the bird feeder.... 

My guess is the noisy one who looks like he is bossing the other squirrels is the explorer. (Upper left corner.) Hopefully he won't explore up on the balcony any more. HAH! Surely I jest!  

The last two days
have brought squishies to the house!  Yee Haw. I won a drawing at Roberta's blog and the fabrics arrived today.  One has already been added to the current scrap quilt pile.  The others are being tucked away for future Project Linus quilts.  Isn't that a neat light ... looks like a granite counter top.  

The other squishy is for a group I am in.  I'll post photos and explain it in a future post.  
 Happy quilting all... and stay warm!  Bonnie 

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