Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin!

We drove down to Maryland to celebrate Kevin's birthday and our family Christmas.  As Kevin said, Sticky Rice is Asian fusion.  Ok, it was sushi to me!  Here we are: Aimee, Brian, Jenny, Bonnie, Kevin and Pat.  

We started with a pail of tater tots.  Yep, you read correctly, tater tots. They were fabulous.  We had a spicey dipping sauce.  After the six of us dove in (with chop sticks) this is all that was left. Yummy! 

Isn't the presentation beautiful.  This was Shrimp and Crab with rice and cucumber ... wrapped in seaweed.  (Seaweed?)  Actually it was pretty good.  

What I liked best was the Sticky Ball ... don't remember what was in it but it too was yummy.  

We were seated upstairs next to a window looking down on H St. in Washington, DC.  It was the best entertainment I've had in weeks!  Tow trucks were towing cars in the parking lot across the street.  People would drive up and double park to run into the various little restaurants and take out places.  The street was teeming with people.  A lot of fun to watch all the goings on.  

Before we got to Kevin's house I did go shopping at Cotton Seed Glory a great quilt shop in Annapolis.  If you are in the area this is well worth the trip.  I'll post my purchases over the next few days.  

Happy Quilting all!  I won't be back to the sewing machine until Monday morning.  Tomorrow we have our drive home.  We'll be wondering how much snow has fallen in the Poconos as we drive home.  Bonnie 

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  1. Happy Birthday to Kevin, looks like everyone had a nice time.and the food looks yummy..have a great time


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