Saturday, March 14, 2009

Almost Spring in the Poconos

Kona and Jenny came for a visit.  However, Jenny left for NYC to visit friends.  Kona is having a sleepover here!   LOL.  Kona's a great dog but a real licker... she loves to lick your hand, feet, legs -- where ever she can reach.  This morning she got to greet the deer walking behind the house.  

After lunch we drove down to the nature trail in our neighborhood to go for a walk.  This was the first time we were out there this spring. The first thing we noticed was the tree on the right.  

Then we came upon this tree still with its stump. 


A little farther along the path we saw this grouping of stumps.  Hum.  The saying busy beaver seems to be born out here.  They were definitely busy at some point in time.  

 We continued on until we came closer to the stream that was running through the area.  Ah, ha!  No wonder there were so many gnawed stumps around here.  They were all in the beaver 
dams.  This was one of two in a very short distance.  We've never seen any beavers around but we definitely see the results of their hard work.  Now, if I could just be as diligent with my quilting! 

Another great mail day today.  I received a new pattern called Spring! designed by Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.  She has a new Etsy shop too where I purchased Spring!. While at her web site check out Bucky Bunny and his good friend Bette Bunny.  I want Bucky but he doesn't have a pattern yet.  Hopefully he'll get one too.  You have to go back a week or two to find Bucky.  I digress.  Spring is next up on the quilt plan.  Or at least I want it to be next up.  We'll see if I can do it as quickly as the hearts.  It is time to move on to spring!

Tomorrow, I'll share my very cool birthday present from my daughter.  But, I'm pooped now.  (remember that walk in the fresh air???)  I'll try to share some quilty pictures tomorrow.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

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