Monday, March 23, 2009

A Pause to Read

Ok, I admit it... I have done nothing in the studio since Friday.  I had a book from the library that I need to return on Thursday. So, I started it Friday evening.   Saturday was errands and when we got back, I thought I'd read a chapter or two.  But, it drew me into the story.  (Oh yes, the book is Suzanne Brockmann's Into the Fire.)  By 1:00 am I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Sunday after church I picked it up again (maybe read a little bit... yahda, yahda...) Luckily I didn't have to stay up half the night to finish it.  I was done around 8:00 or so.  Phew.  I'm not picking up another book for a day or two!  (that doesn't count the books I listen to on my mp3!) 

The Spring! quilt is waiting for me on the design wall.  I did start sewing the blocks together.  I think I have 2 more tulips to get together and then all the background squares.  While in Scranton on Sat. we hit Joanns so I could get some fresh wonder under for the bunny and letters that go on the Spring! quilt.  

Here's a little eye candy: 
Jenny made this tote for herself after making a bunch of 
purses/diaper bags for friends. She uses it for her seewing stuff. 

Our dog news:  As long time readers know, our English Springer Spaniel died this past fall.  We have been missing the companionship and joy of a dog.  So, while I was in Maryland for the classes in February, Pat put in an application to adopt a rescued English Springer Spaniel.  We found out yesterday that we were approved for adoption!  Woowoo!  Now we are waiting to be paired up with our perfect springer companion.  We did request a dog rather than a puppy.  I look over the Maesser site regularly wondering about who our new friend will be!  Evidently it can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks to get our dog.  And, actually we requested not to have a dog placed until after Jenny's last recital in mid April.  I'll keep you posted on the dog front.  

Now, honestly, I need to go quilt!  
Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 



  1. so nice you will be getting a new companion. I like the bag. do you ever go to Lancaster for quilt retreat? I have heard of but never went and would like to this year. if ya have any info, could ya pass along? thanks.

  2. Congrats on the pending adoption!!!! Always nice to bring home a friend.

    I love the tote..... what pattern is this? Would love to get a copy.




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