Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wow! What an Offer

Are you one of those people with lots of quilt tops?  Do you love to piece, but are so-so on quilting?  Then here is an offer for you to look at! 

Joanne at Splitting Stitches blog is offering Joanne's Stimulus Package . She is offering very inexpensive prices on quilting your quilt in an overall pattern.  (Hey, $25 for a twin/queen is an incredible price!) Go check out her blog.  I'm signing up for a quilt as soon as I finish this! 

Do you ever lose presents?  I do, and, I'm sorry to report my daughter Jenny does too on rare occasions.  Unfortunately, I am notorious.  It does help that our kids are grown and don't live close by so  I can put things in fairly obvious places and not lose them.  

You might wonder why I even thought of this.  The short story is I am in the middle of making a photo book on Shutterfly.  Hey, a free photobook is a good thing.  I decided to use the photos from our trip to Alaska in 2006.  (2009 - 2006 = 3 years.  Well, except it's only 2 and a half as we went in July.)  I had planned to scrapbook the photos and ephemera -- luggage tags, brochures, receipts.  So I found the box and went through all of the stuff saved in the box.  Along with a ton of alphabet stickers I found these cute ornaments I had bought for the kids.  Yep, lost for 2.5 years or 28 months, give or take a few days! YIKES.  Jen you can have first choice when you are here this week.  Kevin, do you want me to hold on to yours or bring it down in April when we come down next?  I'll be happy to have it grace our tree for a bit if you want me to store it for you.  Of course, I may not be able to find it for another 2 and a half years!

I need to finish the photobook today as the coupon expires.  (Hey, for some reason I thought today was the 9th... so I've lost a day somewhere!)  I'm more than half way there.  I've found it to be extremely easy and fun to do.  I did spend some time on Sunday sorting through the over 400 digital photos and had narrowed them down to 70 or less so that was a big help. 

When I finish that I'll be back to sewing.  Or maybe napping.  I was up way too late working on the album and then I couldn't sleep.  No more caffeine for me evidently!  

Happy  Quilting All.  Bonnie 

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