Monday, March 9, 2009

To Do Lists

Do you use a To Do list?  I do but not as successfully as I would hope.  Usually, every Monday I write a list of what I want to get done during the week.  I check it daily or even more often sometimes if the list has lots on it.  Mostly I list my quilting to dos but sometimes I have general errand to dos.  What I've found out is I don't follow my list.  And, when life gets in the way I tend not to write my lists. But, I feel great satisfaction on finishing items on my list.  

This week's list reads in part:

make samples of block of the month for guild
make samples for the fast 4 patch method to demo at guild
tie off ends on green, blue and beige quilt (yes, it's almost done!) 
clean the upstairs bathroom: sink, toilet and shower
sew string x blocks together
iron million blocks quilt blocks

If I were really good I would write them in priority order.  I don't always do that but I have today.  

I list the steps to get to the total -- see clean the bathroom? I will probably do those at three different times because I really don't want to spend an hour cleaning the whole thing. (Who wants to clean bathrooms....? Not me, but Jen is coming up so I do need to clean the bathroom.) 

I usually list way more than I can possibly accomplish so I can keep focused on what I want to do and what I next want to do.  I finally realized I was sewing but not finishing quilts. I like the piecing the most so I would continue to piece.  Now, I try to finish something and do the piecing too.  The list keeps me on track.  And, now that I am aware of not doing what I write down I force myself to review what I want to get done.  If I choose not to work on something listed it's my fault.  But, I can't complain if I didn't follow the list. That's the no whining part.  

I hope to have a finish to report by the end of the day.  Don't know when I will be able to get a decent picture but hopefully soon.  

How do you keep on track with your quilting?  Have you found a better way than a basic list.  Let me know and I'll post some of the ideas on the blog. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie (I am so ready for spring!) 

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  1. Thanks for cleaning the bathroom for me!

    I definitely use lists. Quilting - how have I only really been quilting for about 8 months, and I already have way too many projects I want to do. You are a bad influence. :-) I also have a much smaller room than you do, so I don't allow myself to start a new project until I get the pieces of a previous project out of the way.


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