Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Progress

Here's what got done yesterday: 

Spring! top is together.  Finally.  Now to get to the applique. 

String X blocks are ready to be sewn into rows.

A couple of bow tie blocks were done. 

Here's the plan for today -- it's Wednesday which means I will go to the clubhouse to sew . . . 

Put the String X's together

Cut out the letters for Spring (hum, do I hand buttonhole stitch the letters and rabbit on??) 

Cut the next step for the million blocks quilt... that's what I call it cause it seems like that!

Who knows whether I will even take these to work on cause that means I need to take the sewing machine too.  But, I have that super light Janome Gem so why not?  

Sorry, no pictures to share today... maybe some tomorrow... 

Happy Sewing All  Bonnie

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