Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mail Call!

What a great mail call I had today.  First I received this great birthday greeting from Faithful Circle Quilters in Columbia, Maryland.   They recently ran a contest for a birthday card they will use for the whole year.  This isn't the new card but it certainly is lovely. On the back of the card is the photo it is taken from -- a lovely water lily. And, then here it is repeated.  (hum was this done with smoke and mirrors?)   But thanks to Maggie who designed this card and Jeannie who sent it out.  

Yep, my birthday is fast approaching.  No big plans except to go to a downtown restaurant who gives you a free lobster dinner on your birthday.  I love lobsters.  I have since I was 5 years old and we used to go down to the docks to get them fresh.  Yum...  (just don't ask me to cook them ... did that, don't want to do it again.) 

WOW!  My first blocks have returned from my FCQ Equilters.  I designed this block based on a plaza in Cozumel.  I made up several to test it. Then sent out a  multicolored print and asked them to make some with colors to match.  Here's the first group to come in!  I'm so very pleased with these blocks from Helen.  It will be a lot of fun to play with these and decide how they
should go together.  I also asked them to send some extra little blocks because I see a thin dark border around the blocks and then a piano key border of some of the little blocks as the final border.  But that will be a while before all the blocks are in. And, I used all of the fabric up that is the bigger block.  So, the quilt won't be any bigger than 24.  

I have been working away on magic 4 patch blocks for my guild's block of the month.  Have you tried these yet?  Check out Marge's instructions at Delaware Quilts.  She calls them Easy Speedy Four Patches.  You can make them scrappy by making several at a time.  When you match rights to rights after the first cut, (ie before the 2nd cut) change the pieces around.  Works like a charm.  I'm not as excited about the process for big blocks... I'm doing one at 8" finished but it is great for the 4" finished ones I am doing as a sample.  When I get the blocks put together I'll take pictures and show everyone. 

8000+ readers since I started in mid-September.  No, it wasn't just me seeing if anyone had commented.  And, I know it wasn't just my hubby, son-in-law, son or daughter.  Other people read this blog also!  Thanks to all for reading.  I'm thinking of putting up the pattern for the block shown above but it won't be until I have the top done.   

Happy Quilting.  Bonnie  

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  1. Lobsters and quilts. Herb from new jersey, author of " The lobster and the chicken" a fable for adults in search of enlightenment.Im the lobster and my ex girlfriend is the chicken.I get google alerts for anything with lobster in it. My book went up on amazon last week. I ended up going to big quit show in new jersey for lobster promotions. I have a red wagen with a wooden lobster trap I pull around wearing a yellow fishermen's jacket. I had a good time at the show and figigured out that quilting is cool. I wa hoping for a reporter or two to put me in the paper, I did run into a real lobster fishermen from Maine who ownes a quilting company that sells quits supplies. Thanks Herb Palmer jr


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