Friday, April 10, 2009

Animals -- Real and Not

Pat and I were sitting in the former eat in kitchen that is now a nook with a couple of comfy chairs in it. We were probably surfing the net on our laptops when we heard a strange noise.  On the side window a squirrel was hanging around!  Dumb squirrel.  He came back again and we were able to snap his picture.  I can't tell if this is my nemesis or not.  Pat caught one on the bird feeder and went out to scare him off the feeder.  (He did the same thing I did but didn't slam the door behind him hard enough to lock himself out -- plus I was on the inside watching.)  It scared the heck out of him (squirrel, not Pat.)  All the squirrels on the ground scampered off.  The one on the feeder pretty much jumped off the feeder all the way to the ground (from the second story deck!) A couple of the ground feeders are finally back again.  

I've been promising pictures of my bunny for a while.  This bunny has been sitting naked in the studio for many years. (Even did a couple of months in storage when we moved.) How could I have done this to her?  She obviously trusted me way too much!  

Here she is in all her glory with the tulips I bought cause we have NO flowers in the yard.  I have to laugh at this photo because I spread a piece of white paper down, tried to get a neutral background (didn't work... the great room is in the back).  I'm staging a bunny picture?  Have I lost my mind?  Evidently the answer is yes because I am going to buy a foam core presentation board so I can have a backdrop. 5 bucks or so at Staples.  Bigger question is when I will be going to the big city again.  Give me a week or so and then you can see if I have succeeded with the background!  

Here's my next project.  This was shown in McCall's Quilting magazine, I think the February issue. I thought it was interesting and a bit different. After finishing a few things I thought I could start something new. I plan to give this to a friend for her birthday. We'll see if that happens or not!  I am happy the block lies flat.  I wasn't sure it would once I got it all together.  It won't be a fast project like I thought because each corner of the individual pieces need a cross hatch at 1/4".  More stuff to do in front of the tv.  (and I am such a hugh tv watcher, NOT!)  
 I've got a baby quilt ready to sew the binding down by hand.  I had planned to do both front and back by machine but zoned out when I sewed the first side on the wrong side of the quilt.  Oh well. 

That's it from the studio and the decks here in the Poconos.  Dinner is out -- no cooking sounds good to me.  

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie  

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