Thursday, April 9, 2009

Luck Is in My Pocket

Are you lucky?  

Do you think lucky thoughts?  

Do you enter things so you can be lucky? 

There is no doubt that I am one lucky person.  I have won in the past 10 or so years the following things:

Quilter's Unlimited Opportunity Quilt, 

An American Girl Doll, clothes, quilts, chair and trunk (most were hand made not the purchased stuff!) 

A Janome Jem (yes, a sewing machine!) 

And today, I found out I had won the drawing from Amanda's Busy Little Quilter! Here's what I won.  It's a Moda Jelly Roll.  All more exciting cause I am not buying all that much and rarely buy jelly rolls. 

Check out her blog sometime... she has some wonderful springy looking things hanging around.  She's my BFF right now! (LOL)  So Amanda, thank you from the bottom of my heart --- well include the top, front, back and insides too.  These strips are singing my name ... my bonnie lies over the ocean.... oops.. sorry carried away there. 

Did I do one quilty thing today.  Er, um, no.  But there are groceries in the house, I've done some vacuuming, emptied the dishwasher and I'm running the washing machine through the clean cycle. (what a pain, to have to CLEAN your washer!) And I have a load of laundry that will be going in as soon as that clean cycle finishes.  

Tomorrow's another day. A new quilt is beckoning me... and the sun is shining. What more can you ask for?  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

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  1. I wish I had rubbed your head for good luck when I saw you last week. Congratulations!


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