Monday, April 6, 2009

Lunch with Fabricholics Annonymous Retreaters

Back up to Friday when Pat and I drove down to Lancaster for the quilt show.  First it POURED rain.  It would have been far better if I had just pulled a bag over my head... paper bag.  I was beyond tense.  It was raining so hard you couldn't see through the windshield wipers.  Pat is such a good driver but I see things differently than him.  I'd have pulled off and rested while it poured.  Of course, I would have gotten there at 2 instead of noon! 
First off was lunch with Marge Gordon and some of the other Fabricholic Annonymous ladies and some who go to Marge's retreats. Marge runs retreats at the Bird-In-Hand Inn.  We went to Isaac's for lunch. (Yum -- if you have a chance to go there all the food was great!)  Pat was in charge of photos.  Here we are seated from left to right, Joan, Bonnie (that would be me), Candy, Laura and Jen.  Standing behind me is Marge and on the other side is Suzie.  (Ladies I apologize if any name is misspelled!)   

Before we left we decided to get a picture of three out of the four moderators for Fabricholics Annonymous.  Bonnie, Candy and Marge, list owner.  Carol couldn't make it.  It was great fun to spend some time with these ladies who I chat with on a regular basis.  Next time Marge, we need to sit together so we can chat more!  

Pat and I went from there to the "renegade" vendors mall.  (I think they actually call it Cherry Festival or some such thing but it was first explained to me as renegade from the Quilter's Heritage so it stays that!)  We wandered around there for a couple of hours.  At least an hour was spent with the HQ16 people -- Hi Debbie! The HQ16 is a really nice mid arm quilting set up.  The people (I think all of them were from the Quilt Basket) were fabulous but I wanted a little bigger space to do the quilting.  Plus, on Friday, we knew there were several additional machines for sale at the show.  

What amazed me the most is I didn't buy ANYTHING from those vendors.  I was on a mission.  By the time we left we were exhausted.  Internet was down in the Quality Inn where we stayed so we could not read or post anything.  Bummer!  

It is really time for me to get to quilting today.  I've been either on the phone or the computer since 8 am! More on Lancaster trip later.... 

Happy Quilting! Bonnie 

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  1. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, re the diaper bag. I have reservations to go to the Bird In Hand retreat in October. Looking forward to it. Any words of inspiration for me. It is going to be a mystery retreat.
    Diane, Tampa, FL


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