Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stashbusting (?) Report

Here's the Stashbusting Report for March:  

Fabric used by finished quilts or giving away:   8.5 yards
Fabric purchased or received free       .5 yards
Net fabric USED from stash:     8. yards 

Year to date fabric used: 16.9 yards
Year to date fabric purchased: 20.83 yards
Year to date  ADDED to stash   3.93 yards

ARGH!  I am still in net added to stash. That is NOT how to bust the stash.  And, tomorrow I go to Lancaster for the Quilter's Heritage show.  I feel a sinking feeling here.  I can be strong sometimes, but sometimes it is so nice to buy some new fabric.  We'll see how I do. 

I did finish a quilt and gave a top to Jenny.  But, I sure don't see a lot of finishes happening right now.  And, I only started one -- the Spring! quilt.  So, maybe I've been distracted. I know I had two different times where I got involved with a book.  And, I'll admit I surf the net too much... so who knows whether I can garner some finishes soon!  I have a baby quilt ready to put the binding on and I may work on that today but you should see the pile of laundry that is awaiting me! (hey I don't do laundry every week ... well not the entire collection, so to speak!)  

Today's plans: 
LAUNDRY (blech!) 
Handquilt on Spring!
Vacuum (double blech!)
Pay a couple of bills... 

No more procrastination... back to work! 
Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

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