Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome Raggs!

Presenting the one, 
the only 

The first thing Raggs did in the house was to check out the bear and his chair on the landing on the stairs.  I think he was hoping it was another dog. Ragg's back right leg was broken so he will be doing some slow walking to get him to use that leg more and to develop the muscle in that leg.  If need be we'll bring in a dog physical therapist to make sure his leg gets up to par.  Keep your eyes on this site for more on Raggs.  

No quilting today.  But tomorrow Raggs and I will spend some time in the studio.  Still need to get those wonky 9 patches done!  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie and Raggs... 


  1. Hi Bonnie and Raggs! We have a 5 year old Springer that was rescued by us after a divorce and a couple of false start placements. WE LOVE HIM. Really ups our exercise!

    Enjoy--There is an ESS Yahoo group.

    Sallie in VA

  2. He is adorable Bonnie! I would adopt him too!

  3. I have been following your journey to get Raggs. He is just too adorable!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. Hello Raggs... And hello from Honey Wilkes and Wade Hamilton too.

    You are going to get lots of love where you are now.


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