Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do You Mystery?

Have you mysteried yet?  Hum, quilters do tend to make words fit what they want.  The proper way to say it would be have you participated in a mystery quilt yet?  I enjoy them so much I am a member of a yahoo group that raises funds for worth causes and gives you mystery quilts about 6 times a year.  Part of the reason I like them is, generally, I use just my stash fabric.  So, it's a free quilt. (Right, sure!) The other reason I like them is I often end up making a quilt I would never start.  This summer I made an Irish Chain.I wouldn't have chosen it but, it went together easily and I really like the top so far. (sorry, no pics of it as it still needs borders and the finishing thing.)  This weekend was no exception.  Marge at Mysteries for Relay hosted a small mystery she called a Folk Art Quilt.  I was so happy with it -- even before I got it all put together.  Here's what some of the pieces looked like.

Marge gave a giant hint that it might be a great two color quilt, say, red and white.  I'm no fool and I couldn't remember if I had a Valentine's Day quilt.  So, I thought what the heck. A red and white quilt would look like a Valentine's Day quilt.  I cut the pieces the night before and started following the directions around 9:30 Sat. morning.  I was slow, I couldn't keep up at first. But eventually, I was finish with a clue right before the next one was posted.   And, even as I said to myself, it's a heart I couldn't figure out how it would make up as a heart!  See all the funny rows above?  But, I kept pluggin away.  I petered out around 6 pm.  Here's what it looked like then. Plus I found that great red and white heart fabric to use as a border.  (remember it is free as all the fabric was already in my stash of fabrics!) 

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous today.  Lots of sunshine and high up in the 40's.  The ice is melting off the driveway, the roads are looking dry.  But rumor has it we'll be getting some more snow tomorrow.  Don't know if we'll get a lot of a little.  Time will tell.  

I'm on my way upstairs to put the last rows together and maybe even get the borders on.  I'll keep you posted.

Happy quilting all! Bonnie

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