Monday, March 30, 2009

Eye Candy

These two quilts have been done, for the most part, for a few weeks.  

The first one, on the left,  is from a strip roll I purchased at Faithful Circle Quilters show in April, 2008. I think the fabric was called dimples.  When I first  moved up to the Poconos I spent the week sewing this up.  (Pat had already moved up with most of the furniture... so I didn't have to unpack! Except for the studio...)  I finished the top sans borders and then was on a hunt for any of the dimple fabric.  Finally found some in pink at the fall show in Harrisburg.  My friend, Ruth did the quilting for me.  Now to get the label on.  (Which shouldn't be an issue as it is made!) The pattern is Butterfly Blooms from Cozy Strip Club pattern series.

This one is from FabricholicAnonymous's summer 
mystery designed by Ann.  It was a nickel mystery designed to use up 5" squares.  I did the quilt top fairly quickly. Took me a while to get to the quilting part which I did on my dsm.  The straight quilting went very fast.  But the slight circles around the quarter square triangles... not so fast and a million strings to tie.  It needs a label and will get one, one of these days. Sharon calls it my misty quilt... I do like the combination of dark and light blues and greens.  A great example of a scrap quilt.  Nothing was purchased for this quilt ... unless it was backing... it's upstairs so I can't check it right now. 

 The amazing thing about these two quilts -- 

both were done in less than a year! WooHoo! 

I'm still hand quilting Spring!  My shoulder is a bit sore from what I did today so will not go back to it until tomorrow afternoon. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie


  1. BOTH quilts are gorgeous!! thanks for sharing

  2. I agree with Amy. Both of your quilts are beautiful! Your new found time has been put to wonderful use. It's great that we can view these via the computer.

    Your new "toy" looks interesting. I'm sure you are going to have fun with that when it arrives.

    Take care!

    Jane Bowie


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