Friday, March 27, 2009

I Found It!

I've been looking for a few sewing things:  specifically a pair of magnifying glasses that clip on to my regular glasses for doing close up work and my leather coin thimble.  I knew I had seen both since I'd moved so that was a plus.  The thimble I had seen within the last two weeks.  

I have been working on  hand buttonhole stitching the Spring! quilt.  I'm now on the letters Spring! My poor finger was getting brutalized by the constant pushing of the needle yet I couldn't find any of my leather coin thimbles, they're my favorite, easiest to use thimble.  I tried an old one but the coin part keeps falling out.  I tried a regular metal one. I tried a ring type that should have worked.  Then I decided I would try a "patch" type ... all it is is a gummed circle that you put right where you need it.  

Up I went to the studio to look for them!  Couldn't find the patches.  Bummer.  But in routing  around looking for them I found my regular thimble and the clip on magnifying glasses.  Awesome.  Now I am just missing the patch thimbles and I can deal with that.  
Back to the spring quilt.  I have done i, n, and part of g.
 I'd love to get the letters completely done so I can get on to the bunny.  And, thanks Polly, for the bunny consultation.  It's great having your own art teacher on call!  

Pat tells me blogs with photos are better than those without.... here's today's photo -- my computer took a pic of me in my magnifying glasses.  Hard to see but they are flipped down here.  

One other note:  sorry for the weird layout for yesterday's blog.  No matter how hard I work at moving everything around, getting it just right when I upload the blog everything moves around again.  Sometimes it's ok, sometimes not.  Yesterday's was not but I think I was so frustrated I quit trying.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

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  1. I need a pair of those! I have a heck of a time reading the needle size on the needle.


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