Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Week Almost Gone

Where did my daily blogging time go to? I haven't blogged daily for a whole week in ages. I guess I am getting busier, or playing more games (have you played Bejeweled on Facebook yet?) or reading a lot. Well, and the most obvious is quilting a lot. And over the last few days I have been quilting and piecing a lot.

Sharon arrived Thursday afternoon with no problems. I left her to do my library volunteer time but did get back a little earlier than planned. Friday we hit the studio pretty early -- well 10 am or so is early for me! She decided to start a scrap quilt and wanted to raid my scraps. Yee Haw! Stuff out the door...until I realized the biggest piece she needed was about 2 1/2". She worked, I cleaned up my space. Nothing like having entertainment while I put stuff away. I still had fabrics out since the middle of the summer. I kept piling little bits and pieces up for Sharon to cut what she wanted. It was nearly 5 pm when we stopped. We were tired and hungry. My infamous watch did it again -- I lost an hour as it said it was around 4 pm. I should have listened to my stomach.

Saturday we worked on Ruthie. I had started to quilt a twin charity quilt using a panto. Sharon did a few rows and then went back up to the studio while I finished it. Then we loaded a baby quilt -- cute flannel Christmas prints. Sharon freehand quilted the whole thing Sunday before she left. I made binding and trimmed the twin size quilt. She'll finish it and turn it into the guild. Although she brought me 5 more quilts I sent 3 back home from my previous group.

I was pooped so Monday I rode along with Pat on his errands.

Today I free motioned another flannel Christmas baby quilt. I was using it to practice for my next quilt. I did a stipple with stars which is what I am going to do on a soldier quilt made by the members of Stash_Quilter yahoo group. This quilt is a red, white and blue and I have it ready to load on Ruthie. I'll work on it Thursday as I'll be gone tomorrow.

Well, harumph! Blogger is having issues and I can't load any photos. I'll visit it again later tonight to see if I can add some. For now, it is on to some hand work and watching a movie.

Happy Quilting All!

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  1. Well you have certainly been accomplishing a lot! I'm tired just reading about all you have done.teehee



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