Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mystery Day

It's Mystery Day at Mysteries for Relay on yahoo groups and I am READY! The last several mystery days I've skipped because I had so many projects hanging around. Not this one! After I finish this short post it'll be time to get ready. Hum, did I wind some extra bobbins? How long ago did I oil the machine? How old is that needle.

I actually have the answers to all those questions except the bobbin one -- but I don't think I did any bobbins recently. I know about the oiling/cleaning/new needle because I have put a bright pink sticky note on my sewing desk. I have an older desk that the machine sits down in a well (so to speak.) I have stuck the note on the piece that holds the machine so it doesn't get brushed off as I sew. I'll check those notes and do what is required. I'll be up in the studio shortly so I can begin.
These guys were tromping through our woods a couple of days ago. I'm surprised they aren't hiding ... but I guess they feel fairly safe cause no hunting is allowed in the neighborhood. (thank goodness!)

The bird feeder is back up after the summer and birds have found it -- they ate about half of the seed . Of course, a squirrel or two tried to hit it two. Were they shocked when they heard Raggs go nuts after seeing them. Hum, we may have to reconsider the feeder if he barks his head off.

Off to the studio for a fun mystery. You can join for the next mystery by clicking on the button on my sidebar. Happy Quilting All!

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  1. I use the same color in my bobbins for all my quilting. I wind 5 bobbins and when they are out, that's when I oil my machine and replace the needle and fill 5 more. I don't have to remember when the last time was. It works for me.


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