Friday, November 20, 2009

New Years Eve Mystery Is Coming

Notice something new in the sidebar? Yep, I've got a new button advertising the upcoming New Year's Eve Mystery on Fabricholics Annonymous yahoo group. You can join the group until Dec. 15th and then it will be closed until Feb. 1. We'd love to have you join us on this mystery.

Ann usually designs our mysteries -- in the past two a year from her. Here are two that I could find pictures of. I believe I was a tester on this one. It is actually a top without borders but I guess I haven't taken a photo of it. I have more of the light blue bumble bee fabric to use as borders but I am trying to force the grey into a little border and I don't think I have enough of that. I should pull it out and finish it.

This was Ann's nickel quilt. It started with 5" squares. I have finished this one and I use it as a bed runner. (that would be a quilt at the bottom of my bed.) I liked this one so much that I have been making these squares for a while. I hope to put another one together for charity. And, hum, same block as the RWB on the post before, I think.

I have ignored Ruthie too long this morning. It is time to finish that quilt off. I have a few miscellaneous blocks I want to finish and some quilts I need to send off to people.

Happy Quilting All!

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