Sunday, November 29, 2009

Great Weekend!

Friday with Kevin and Aimee in Maryland

Two Dogs On A Couch
Posing Most Kindly For Me
And Soon Off They Go

Raggs on the left and Homer on the right. Attempted Haiku by Bonnie.

People posed fine but Homer, on the left, didn't want to pose with Cassie on the right. Aimee and Kevin did well.

Aimee did some really early shopping. Pat and I came over for breakfast that Kevin made after Aimee came home. (Sorry, I just couldn't get up early enough to do early morning shopping.) We were lucky to be able to stay at Jen and Brian's townhouse while they were in Ohio.

The boys did some "This Old House" work on the bathroom. They were going to put a new flooring down. But decided to remove the floor and then realized the toilet bolts (you know those little bolts under the funny cap that is a pain to clean around) were completely corroded. So off came the toilet (it's in the bathtub in the picture to the right.) Then the flooring was done, next the toilet was replaced. And, how uncomfortable is that -- no toilet for several hours! It all turned out well though.

Aimee was productive -- she cut out two Take Five quilts. I kept her company and read a book. We brought Chinese in after the bathroom was restored.

Pat and I came home Saturday as Pat had a concert on Sunday. I put in a couple of hours in the studio on Saturday afternoon. It felt good to be back quilting. I decided to make Carolina Christmas mystery quilt at I've got more photos to share but will wait 'til the next post.

Happy Quilting All!

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