Monday, November 9, 2009

Mystery Day Results

Yikes! I've missed nearly a week of writing. No wonder my readership is dropping! Sorry folks. Here's what's been happening:

Have you ever pulled out a fabric and looked at the selvedge closely. YIKES! I did recently. This was a 2 1/2" strip that was used in the mystery quilt -- it was from 1990. (um, that is ridiculously close to 20 years old. It's old enough to vote and next thing I know it's going to get to the wine rack.) I feel quite virtuous for slipping it into this quilt.

Mystery Day at Mysteries for Relay was great. I guess I am a pretty slow sewer because I just barely got the blocks cut and not sewn back together. These are spread out on a queen size bed. I've taken close ups of a couple of my favorite blocks (to be since they haven't been sewn back together.)

I liked the way the red, white and blue blocks popped so nicely. They would look good as their own quilt. And this teal one is a real stand out also. (no, don't you dare say it sticks out like a sore thumb! LOL)

Friday we were doing a quick trip to NJ to order some chairs for the kitchen. Pat played a fast one on me cause we ended up going to a Sonic Drive In about an hour south of us. Little cold for the young lady delivering the food but not too bad for us.

Saturday I squeezed some quilting in but didn't finish as much as I would have liked. Heaven only knows what else I was doing but probably working on other blocks at the same time as I did this mystery.

Sunday after church and choir practice we took Raggs in for day 2 of his obedience classes. He is the star pupil. Well, the only other pupil is a big lab/shepherd mix with attention deficit disorder. He'd rather sniff the world then follow any commands. I have worked a lot with Raggs so he has most of the common commands down. I still need to work on him learning to bark and more importantly NOT bark on command. And, I think he needs to learn to come when asked and to drop what ever is in his mouth. I have been diving into his mouth to get all sorts of fun sewing stuff out -- usually just fabric. But, shoot... the other day he had part of a block in his mouth. UGH.

Take care all. I am in big clean mode for the rest of today. We are hoping to get the dirt and the dog prints off the hardwood floor. Happy Quilting


  1. The blocks look great.

    I need to get busy on my HSTs. I pushed that project aside to do my Christmas knitting. Now, I need to work on them again. :o(

  2. I love how the mystery quilt is turning out!! I have one of my tops halfway done and the other is just sitting staring at me to sew it together. You mentioned that I probably work in the note on my blog...yes, I work 40 hours as a pharmacy tech, I run a not for profit agency for families who have children with the same diagnosis as one of my sons and am mom to 6 kids. Quilting, readingk, knitting and gardening are my sanity!


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