Saturday, November 21, 2009

Binding Thoughts

I've just finished the binding on the red, white and blue quilt. Let me clarify that! I've finished the sewing machine part, I still need to turn and hand stitch it. I don't mind doing binding the way I used to. I hated trying to get the two sides to match beautifully and not be big bump. I've found the answer to nice joining of the beginning and end of the binding.

Are you a fan? I am. I've done several quilts from there and Bonnie Hunter has the BEST method for meeting up the beginning and end of binding. Go to Quiltville. That is a direct link to Bonnie's tips on binding. I actually do my piecing of binding about the same. But, my, oh, my I was thrilled with her instructions to join the beginning and end. For the first few times I had to have pictures right by me. But, I've done it so many times now I've got it down.

If that is something you struggle with take a look at it. Then hunt around the site. She has some great quilts and hints.

Happy quilting and finishing!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I really enjoyed "Christmas Lights" and I think part of it was the long time between clues. I actually made the quilt from the chat site first the number one clue is there and the rest is easy from the pictures in the albums :0).
    So many quilts so little time....and I'm retired!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and
    Happy Sewing


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