Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to Ruthie

I've been ignoring Ruthie a bit over the last 6 weeks. In fact, I only quilted one quilt in October. So, now I am working on Ruthie a bit more. Today I started on a twin size charity quilt from Faithful Circle Quilters. I pulled out one of the pantographs I bought a while ago. I'm a bit more smooth doing it but I'm not overjoyed with the results. I still have some funny looking designs!
See the cute little design below. I just picked one that actually could be seen in the picture.
And, here's what the panto looks like. I'm not sure I would buy this now, after I've seen it sewn up. But, maybe after I get this whole quilt done I'll like it much better in reality. I really liked the panto.
The next quilt up after this one is a charity quilt made by members of Stash_Quilters on yahoo. It will be going to a wounded soldier as soon as I am finished with it.

And, around the corner is a super deluxe BIG king size quilt for Jenny. Remember seeing this one? It is the one behind all the others. It will just barely fit on Ruthie. I'm pretty sure I will be doing free motion on this quilt. And, knowing my luck I'll probably have to flip it also. I am sure learning about machine quilting with all of these quilts!

And, still waiting to be sewn together is the Mystery Quilt. And, I want to put the binding on the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt... .... .... time to get onto to all that!

Happy Quilting All!

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