Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fabricholics Annonymous

Barbara asked for the location of Fabricholics Annonymous.  You can now click on the name and go to the front page.  This isn't a really active group which is sometimes great.  We have a couple of mystery quilts a year.  A rare recipe.  Friendly talk. And it is an international group.  I enjoy it.

Quilting done: cutting half square triangles. But, not all are cut.  I was slow moving out this am so didn't get to the group until late.  Do you know how boring it is to trim 150+ squares?  Ok, most are done.  Tomorrow I am on to clue 1.  (I will go back to the trimming later cause those puppies aren't used until clue 6 or so!)

I also started (kinda) the Election Challenge at Stashbusters.  I've found the five-pointed-star of my choice from Fons and Porter.  I couldn't find the pattern but someone answered my plea on Stashbusters and suggested that web site. Still couldn't find them until I created a log in. Voila! I actually got the printer out, attached it to the laptop and printed the directions. Wow, I really wanted them.  So, today I also cut freezer paper for the stars and then drew one of the stars.  Each is individually drawn.  I love the idea, lots of stash will go into something.... but the follow through may be lacking. We'll see. 

Tomorrow's goals: make a star, try for 3 clues, and sew one backing together. (shoot, and a load of wash... there are only 2 of us living here.  Where is this laundry coming from???) 
Happy quilting all.  I'll report back on my progress tomorrow.... maybe that will motivate me to keep my nose to the grindstone! Bonnie

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