Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Is Back!

Someone has taken the powdered sugar and sprinkled it all around my neighborhood! 

Or at least that's what it looks like to me.  We had snowfall last night -- snow that looked like tiny pellets of ice.  I was at quilt guild last night and there was only snow falling about 3 miles from my home -- not the other 15 miles to the guild.  Thank you!  I didn't expect to see any of it this morning.  But, here it is.  And, I guess the leaves really are off the trees now.  

Yesterday was very successful sewing-wise even if I don't have a whole lot to show for it.  The second pillow sham is done and on the bed! Waahoo.  Pictures will come in a few days when the new bedspread arrives.  The first block for Faithful Circle Quilters block drawing is finished.  And I machine quilted the Stripper's Mystery quilt.  

Today I will be moving on to other things, kind of!  I will make another block for FCQ. Part of it is cut, part is pulled.  I'll unearth the binding fabric for the Stripper's Mystery.  And, I need to move a quilt that is still blocks from one bed to another.  We are getting a new bed in one of the guest rooms so need to clean it off.  And, there is always that blankety, blank puzzle!

Happy Quilting All.  Bonnie 

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  1. Bonnie, Wow, your neighborhood is breathtaking! What a wonderful place to live! I can see why you are so very creative. I would love to see move photos.
    You wrote about knitting socks. Are they terribly hard to knit? I am obsessive and I am afraid that if I started knitting I would NEED to buy yarn in every color, buy every size needle and every book/pattern available. Most of the quilt shops in this area are expanding to include a yarn shop. It seems that more and more quilters love to knit!
    I love reading your blog and viewing your photos. Thanks for sharing!


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