Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Vote Is In

I voted this afternoon around 4:30.  It only took about 15 minutes which surprised me considering our township offices had a line out the door.  Evidently it was a much longer line earlier in the day -- taking an hour or so.  

I can honestly say I am so happy this election is over.  I am tired of political ads -- can't candidates say what is good about them instead of tearing down their opponent? 

On the sewing front I am almost finished cutting out a quilt. I volunteered to be a mystery quilt tester and that is what I have been cutting out. I'm calling it the bumblebee quilt because my fabric has cute little bees on it. If you want to participate in this mystery sign up for Fabricholics Annonymous on Yahoo Groups. The mystery will be presented on New Years Eve day.  

Along with the cutting, I pre-sewed a bunch of half square triangles last night by triangles-on-a-roll and then took the papers off.  I still have more to sew for the above mentioned quilt.  Do you use triangles-on-a-roll?  Shortly after they came out I bought one of each roll.  And, I still have one of each roll of both half square triangles and quarter square triangles.  I think I had to make 150+ of them so continuous paper was much faster from the sewing end. Unfortunately, I also sew them a bit big so I can trim them to the correct size.  I hear you all saying but the point of the papers is to make accurate patches with less work. Well, I'm weird. Early on I realized I could just as easily make the darn things the wrong size if I sewed too far left or right of the stitching line.  After making too many the wrong size I started sewing a smidge inside the sewing line and then trimming.  I sure get accurate blocks that way!  

So, what's your favorite half square triangle method?  I love my new QIAD triangle ruler -- it is great for squaring up when making scrap triangles. I like the triangles-on-roll papers and I even like Thangles. What I don't like is cutting triangles and then sewing them together! 

I'm back to cutting the last few squares for the bumblebee quilt. Have a great evening.  Tomorrow will be an amazing day in American history no matter who is elected.  If nothing more we Americans are turning out to the polls in record numbers.  

Happy Quilting.  Bonnie 


  1. Hey Bonnie! Thanks for leaving a comment. I also love going out to lunch and spending time sewing with other quilters! Friends, especially quilters always come first (beside family). I am sorry you didn't enjoy professional writing. Thats OK though...life is too short to sweat the small stuff!

    Happy quilting!

  2. Can you post the actual link for the Fabricholics Annonymous Yahoo! group? I searched for a group by that name but got no matches. Thanks!


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