Sunday, November 2, 2008

We're Back and So Is the Power!

Yaaaa Hoooo!  We have electricity again!  Well, it probably returned on Friday but we were headed to Maryland this weekend.  Jenny had recital Saturday evening.   She is working on her Doctorate in Musical Arts. (Is that right, Jen?) She is now down to two more recitals and she'll be doctor Jen!  It was wonderful to hear her play again and see her friends who staunchly come out to support her.  She has passed her comps -- hum, I wonder if comps stand for comprehensive exams.  Those were two full days of written testing in her area of study -- french horn performance.  

We enjoyed Saturday afternoon taking a walk with Kevin and Cassie, his dog. A bit later Aimee arrived and we all went to the recital.  Afterwards went over to Jenny and Brian's for dinner.  Some time this week I'll post a picture or two.  You have to see their dog in her Halloween costume.  Yes, costuming for dogs!  

No quilting for me for nearly a week.  I did get a few more inches of hand quilting done on a piece. I keep thinking I am getting closer to being done and then I realize I have the border to do too.  Why did I choose to hand quilt this thing. (Hey, it is only a lap quilt but it is taking for ever.)  I chose it because it has such nice plain blocks in it to show off some quilting. 

On to bed now.  However, I vow to spend a little time sewing tomorrow. And washing, and cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing the counter....  Happy quilting all.  Bonnie

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  1. Congrats to Jen! I used to play french horn in high school - many, many years ago. What does she plan to do once she earns her doctorate?


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