Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sewing Instead of Shopping

We had a sewing marathon on Black Friday.  There was some discussion about going shopping but it fell by the wayside.  The girls each had projects to do and I was the consultant.  I spent some time cutting some batting squares for a rag quilt.  I ironed some stuff for the girls and I (oh no, I really did this???) hemmed pants for Jenny.  
Here's Aimee, Kevin's girlfriend,  learning to use an older Elna sewing machine that she will be taking with her to play with.  She was working on her first quilt, a rail fence baby quilt.  She has never sewn before and it was all pretty new to her.  She learned to use a rotary cutter and ruler, everything has to be sewn in a quarter inch seam, how to iron the darn fabric and the pieces.  I'm pretty sure she'll have a finished top to take with her.  

Jenny brought a bunch of projects to work on.  She free motion quilted two quilt tops -- one had some additional straight stitching.  She fixed a top and hemmed another pair of pants.  I stitched the other pair she had gotten ready to stitch. 

We had a nice day although Jenny kept us at it as long as it took for her to finish what she needed to get done.  She's hoping for a darning foot for her sewing machine for Christmas.  (Brian, did you get that??) 

I was able to get two of the three dogs to stay still long enough for a picture.  So here are some of the dogs who came for Thanksgiving weekend! 

The kids are leaving today so I should be able to introduce myself back to at least one of my sewing machines today.  My studio is really great for two sewers but it just doesn't have room for a third one.  It was probably good down time for me cause my shoulder has been a bit sore and now it feels much better.  

Have a great Saturday all!  I'll be back to sewing in a few hours. 

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  1. looks like you had a productive day, I um went to Joanns for a "few" things. Have a great weekend,, Thank You for sharing


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