Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rain and More Rain

It was raining when we woke up this morning.  It was raining when we went to fill my car with gas and buy a few groceries and it is raining now.  And, as an added bonus there is a tornado watch in our county.  So, after watching The Wizard of Oz last night I know I'll run to the basement if I hear a freight train coming my way! 

No sewing today. Got the heal flap done on my sock last night.  Today we moved furniture in our bedroom.  And, some went upstairs and some came downstairs.  When all the moving was done we went to a local craft fair in support of the local high school band.  Bought a couple of decorations for the upcoming holidays.  

Since I didn't quilt at all today I thought I would share a baby quilt I made earlier this year.  It is probably from Quilts for Babies as Easy as ABC. (I've sung the praises of this book before... published by That Patchwork Place or whatever they are called now. Author: Ursula Reikes.) 

Hopefully tomorrow I will spend the day quilting. Or at least part of the day.   

Happy Quilting.  Bonnie

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