Friday, November 14, 2008

Quiltless Day

Hum, that almost sounds like guiltless.  But, no, I'm not planning on doing any major quilting today.  We are off to look for a new bed. (Kevin -- you want to start Snoopy dancing?) And, after yesterday and Wednesday, I might need a brain infusion to be a better quilter! 

Yes, I had more troubles with a block yesterday.  I started another star paper pieced block. I am drawing individual blocks for the 5-pointed stars.  And, they are 4".  So, I happily draw about 10 of the stars. I figure one or two blocks a day and I'll get through the 51 I need in a reasonable amount of time. HA!  I ripped out little itty bitty stitches at LEAST 5 times.  I wasn't willing to toss the units because I would have had to start all over and I had one section correct (out of three). So, I carefully measured and cut the fabric.  I pinned and flipped.  It fit perfectly.  I pinned so I could sew.  I sewed.  I flipped.  And, then I personally flipped. YIKES -- it didn't cover the paper! URG. Again, and in one instance, again.  So, now my mantra is cut it bigger -- way bigger.   I'll keep you all posted. 

I didn't spend any time machine quilting yesterday cause ... well you know why.  Plus the 6 loads of laundry or so.  

Hope everyone has a happy quilting day.  Or for those nonquilters enjoy your day. Pat and I are off to the big city of Scranton to do some shopping. Bonnie

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